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March 23, 2017
Start your engines...

Start your engines...


We are in the final preparations before we start the 2017 season:

"JB1" the boat with which we started our company 3 years ago, has spent the winter in Spain, where she was repainted. A week ago we "branded" her again and she shines in old splendor and is as shinny as on the first day! At the base in Bönigen, work will be done in the next 2 weeks, slowly and surely our employees will meet and start their work. Next week the first boat will be put back in the water and made ready for our first tours. 

Official season start is April 15!

If the weather is bombastic in the 2 weeks before, and you are interested in a ride with a group, please contact us by phone, we might be able to arrange a tour with you!

We are looking forward to the coming season, we have come up with numerous innovations and new ideas and can not wait to share them with the you soon. 

In this sense it is soon said: "Loose!" ;)